August 26, 2010


Posted in The Beginnings at 5:59 pm by sewknotwrite

While looking my Senior Memory Book from high school recently, I came across a “predict your future” section which asked if you though you would be married. My answer?

“Someone might propose to me, but I don’t think I’ll ever get married or have kids.”

Fast forward to a few years ago and I felt exactly the same way. I clearly remember having an emotional meltdown on an NYC subway train at 3am about how “no one will ever want to seriously marry me.”

You know what I say now, “Haha past selves! Take that…

Someone truly and seriously proposed to me! And guess what past selves…he’s wonderful!”

So, wow, we’re engaged! I’m beginning to understand why they call it “engaged” too. You’re brain and body are constantly filled with the need to conduct wedding business 24/7. Before this point, I was living like the girl who never thought she would get married and never put any energy aside to consider what my “dream day” would encompass. No ideas of flowers or dresses flitted through my daydreaming mind, nor did I toy with ideas of colors and hypothetical bridesmaid line-ups. Therefore, the next bunch of months are going to be VERY interesting(especially since my lovely Mr. Waffle has NO clue what weddings entail).


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