September 8, 2010

When to Wedding Talk

Posted in Random at 3:15 pm by sewknotwrite

See this face…

This pretty much sums up what happens whenever I start to talk wedding.  I have started to realize that this kind of conversation needs to wait until after dinner…or else…

He turns into this cranky pants creature (and I’m sure once he knows this picture is online he will be even more cranky pants).  I am starting to think that maybe wedding talk should wait longer than just after dinner though.  Maybe we should schedule one day a week for a  “wedding date” where I have a scheduled hour of undivided wedding attention that he can fully, mentally prepare for?  MOH Sweet Pea suggested this.  She and her mister did it and it worked out really well.  My only fear is that if I have to wait an entire week this might happen…

Yes, my head will explode leaving wedding ideas littered all over our office floor and Mr. Waffle will not be happy for many reasons…

1.  His fiancée is now missing the top portion of her head and has therefore decreased in hotness value.

2.  There is mess in the office and he likes things tidy.

3.  He can’t get any work done because there’s confetti and glitter stuck in his keyboard.

4.  The blast from the explosion has left a hole in their ceiling, exposing them to the upstairs neighbors.


I know blogging and talking with my ladies will help, but I’d rather bounce things off of my man.  At the end of the day I feel his input is important in making it OUR wedding and not “my day” like so many other brides.  He has amazing ideas in his brain and I’d like that voice to be heard!  So, what’s a gal to do?


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  1. lifeinwhite said,

    That’s pretty much the reason I started my blog! Keeps me from interrupting his “Texas Hold’em time”.

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