September 27, 2010

The First Big Wedding Related Cry

Posted in Random at 11:49 am by sewknotwrite

I’m not gonna lie bees.  This fall in Central Texas was an allergy NIGHTMARE!  About a month ago this little Wafflette was on a diet of antihistamines, Emergen-C, Kleenex and my good friend the Neti Pot.  I had also spent  3 weekends in a row doing shows and events for work.  All that to say, on a particular Saturday morning I was a mess of stress, no sleep and Benedryl all jammed into a meltdown ready to go.

Poor, sweet Mr Waffle.  He had no clue.

I had decided to take my mind off of the misery and look at beautiful beaches and resorts online.  Ahhh, blissful honeymoon dreams of giant soaking tubs, warm sand and margaritas danced in my head.  The Waffs caught that dreamy look in my eye and called me on it.  He’s knows me too well and can spot me lusting over something online from over a mile away.

“What ya lookin’ at now?”

“Possible Honeymoon destinations and packages.”

“We shouldn’t look at that kind of stuff until we know we can afford it and it can fit into our budget.”

Now, on a normal day this kind of statement would agitate me a little, but I would be OK.  After all, his super practicality and budgeting smarts are gifts he has that I admire.  It was not a normal day though, and the storm clouds erupted…

Typically, our discussions about budgets and other such topics are fair and rational debates.  Not this time.  I was whimpery and whiny whilst he was defensive and obviously not in the mood for my behavior.  I believe I was told not to be stroppy at one point or another.

At the end of it all, there was a mass of tissues on my desk and I was being cuddled and hugged warmly.  Mr Waffle put together a complicated spreadsheet and discovered that we did indeed have plenty enough money for a honeymoon.  I discovered that I had my first big wedding-related cry and had indeed become one of “those girls” who gets emotional over silly wedding crap (although I SWEAR the Benedryl made me do it).

What small thing triggered your first wedding related cry?


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