September 28, 2010

Styling Oneself

Posted in Random at 4:48 pm by sewknotwrite

OK. You want to know what’s secretly stressing me out more than anything else for this upcoming nuptial journey?

Picking out engagement picture outfits.

FOR SERIOUS. I am having stupid stress about it which has only been compounded by one of those “I hate everything in my closet” phases I go through about twice a year. What is wrong with me? A major part of my job is choosing what other people wear. I should be able to this for myself. Right?

Wrong. I think because I style other people I am feeling intense pressure to knock the ball out of the park on this one. I think I’m also over-thinking it all. Goodness knows I really want to go out and buy an e-pic outfit (or 2…or 3…and shoes to match), but that is really not an option due to the sweet new ride that’s sitting in my garage.

Good thing it’s Quiz Night where I can let go and ponder more trivial things with a pint of Fireman’s Four and a plate of nachos for the next 3 hours…and then promptly come home and obsess over it again.


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