October 6, 2010

Love at First Bite: Our Caterer, Part 1

Posted in Food n' Drink at 8:35 pm by sewknotwrite

I knew I was in love from the first moment I read their sample menu.  I drooled all over my keyboard, swooned and carried on until Mr Waffle told me to get up off the floor and stop being so dramatic because it’s just food.

JUST FOOD?!  Ahhh!  How dare you say it’s JUST FOOD!  That is a crime, sir!

After all, I am a food lover!  I am one of those folks who plots out where they are going to eat on vacation before they pick out sights to see.  I am a little lady with a big appetite for all things savory and delicious.  So, when I came across Royal Fig’s menus I knew I had to have them just as much as I knew I had to have Mr Waffle after the first time we met.

They are a husband and wife team who prepare everything with local, in season ingredients.  This makes me super excited because all of our guests from out of town will be able to experience the foods Austin has to offer and … in the form of BBQ (yes, the Waffs has requested BBQ, and I am totally down with that)!  They also have a complete bar package that is a steal of a deal which includes all the ice, equipment, mixers, bottled water and we get to create 2 signature cocktails.  Eek…signature cocktails!

I was a little bit nervous at setting up an appointment with them.  It was like asking out one of the cool kids at school and I was so afraid of being rejected (which I know makes no sense whatsoever).  However, after a few emails we finally set a date to meet.  Would they be as awesome in person as they were online?  Would they live up to my expectations?

On the day of the meeting, and with butterflies in my tummy, I changed clothes about 20 times and made my way to their office and kitchen.  It’s in a fancy part of town.  Will they know I don’t belong there?

I walked into the building and was greeted by amazing smells and Kristin Stacy(co-owner and event director).  She was so wide-eyed, warm and energetic.  We instantly clicked…eeeeeeeee!  Whew!  This was going to work out well after all!  For the next hour we talked about all the things we had in common, menus, our venue, the wonderful world of weddings and scheduling a tasting.  She said she would send a proposal complete with a price breakdown within 24 hours and I left on cloud 9!

Then…24 hours later…I received the proposal.  My jaw hit the floor.  It was definitely over our budget.

NOOOOOOOO!  I wanted…no, I NEEDED to have everything on this proposal.  I also needed to shave about $500 off that price or their would be no money left to buy champagne for champagne toast time.  I also knew Mr Waffle would not be cool with going over budget on food.   He does not have the same relationship with food that I do.  He does not understand my need to keep Heirloom Tomato Salad and Watermelon Gazpacho on the menu (that is, if he even knows what and heirloom tomato or gazpacho is).  Ugh.  What was I going to do?  Where was I going to make the cut?  Did any of you ever have a moment like that?



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