October 11, 2010

Love at First Bite: Our Caterer, Part 2

Posted in Food n' Drink at 9:21 pm by sewknotwrite

So, I know things sounded a bit dramatic when I left you last in the tale of booking my dream caterer.  Fear not, bees.  Miss Waffle and Royal Fig worked it out!  Mrs. Royal Fig (Kristen) was so accommodating and worked with me to get everything all nice and squared away budget-wise so as not to result in me having a panic attack during the oh-so-lovely tasting we were scheduled to have.

That’s the adventure I take you on today!  Our amazing tasting…

I was extremely giddy leading up to tasting day.  While settling down for bed the night before, the list of food items scrolled in my head on a continuous loop and I imagined how delicious it would all taste as I drifted away to sleep (yes, I am aware that I have issues).

The day of the tasting I bounced around work telling anyone who would listen, “I’m having my tasting at Royal Fig today!”  I picked up the Waffs from work with wide and wild eyes.  “Are you excited?  I am soooo excited!  Eeeeee!  We’re gonna eat good food!  Ahhhh!”  I think my exuberance scared him a bit as all he did was eek out an “uh huh.”

As we walked into Royal Fig, the smell was, was…oh…it was so heavenly it was indescribable.  Mrs. Royal Fig sat us down and walked us through the tasting process.  Mr Waffle was slightly intimidated by all of the food being placed before us.  His eyes got bigger and he started to twitch, but he quickly got over that once we started the eating process.  At one point, Mr. Royal Fig (Chef Dan Stacy) sat down with us and answered any questions or concerns we had regarding the food and dietary needs of our friends and loved ones.

The food was beautifully presented and surprisingly colorful considering it was a BBQ menu.  So beautiful, in fact, that Mr Waffle and I decided to have everything served family style and forgo having traditional table centerpieces.  That’s right bees, our food will be the centerpieces!

Want to know what we’re serving?  Want to know what was so good that I oooed and ahhhed after every scrumptious bite until I thought I would pass out?  Well, here you go…

Passed appetizers

  • Shiner battered squash blossoms
  • Watermelon gazpacho shooters


  • BBQ brisket, chicken and sausage
  • Roasted red potato salad
  • Brown butter green beans
  • Cole slaw
  • Pickles, onions and jalapeños
  • Texas toast

And how did Mr Waffle find the food?  He thought it was “quite nice”, which is Waffle speak for “I really liked it!”


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