October 12, 2010

Sugar Coma

Posted in Food n' Drink at 7:49 pm by sewknotwrite

Here’s a little something I learned yesterday.

Magical Alie…


Plus Angela Jiles from Blue Note Bakery…


A Wafflette in a sugar coma.

We went cake tasting recently at Blue Note Bakery with my sassy friend/planner Alie Twigger (aka Magical Alie) of Sweet Events.  Angie Jiles, baker extraordinaire brought an enormous plate of pastries to the tasting table for our pleasure.  Our plan is to have a small 6″ cutting cake (to appease Mama Waffle who wants us to have something to cut) and a plethora of bite size pastries.  Lucky for us Waffles, small bites are one of Angie’s speacialties!

We gorged ourselves on tarts, bourbon bites, s’mores, gluten free cake, blobs of custard, buttercreams, Mexican wedding cookies and slices of cake bars.  What are cake bars?  They are an ingenious way to have cake and not have to eat a ginormous slice.  Here’s a pic of one our favorites from Blue Note’s website.  It’s pistachio cake with an espresso cream filling!  Yummmmm!  The fondant is good too and I am not a usual fondant fan.


Mmmm...Cake Bars!


It was all sooooo fantastic, but towards the end I was starting to feel a bit sick.  Honestly, too much sugar makes Miss Waffle go a little woozy and nauseous.  I think we came away with a good idea of what we want though.  Here are the front-runners for our dessert table so far…

6″ Toasted Almond cutting cake with Swiss Buttercream

Cake Bars – Pistachio Cake w/ Espresso Cream, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese, and gluten free Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Guiness Buttercream (yes, I said GUINESS Buttercream and yes, it’s ingenious)

Pecan Pie Tarts

Vanilla Custard Tarts

Key Lime Blackberry Bars


Mini Eclairs

Uh-oh, I think I’m going into sugar coma mode just writing about it.  So worth it though!




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  2. […] that I didn’t draw a picture of her with the mannequin leg like the picture I posted in Sugar Coma.  She’ll get one of those […]

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