October 19, 2010

Memory Jars

Posted in Decor at 12:47 pm by sewknotwrite

A few weeks ago I went to an antique store called Uncommon Objects on South Congress here in Austin.  Oh, bees…not a good idea.  I found and fell in love with an antique blue mason jar full of vintage buttons only to discover that they had many more of them hidden in nooks and crannies around the store.  I behaved myself and only bought one, thank you, but I may have to go back for more.

I also found this little gem…

And what is this little gem?  It’s a jar full of old knick-knacks such as a shell necklace, vintage spools of string and twine, buttons, a star appliqué and plastic rings.  The lid is covered in pages from a book and tied with antique ribbon.  I wanted to possibly make more of these jars myself and find a way to incorporate them in our wedding decor along with the jars of buttons.  Then, I had an even better idea.  Instead of filling jars with other people’s old string and mementos, I should fill them with ours.  I should make little memory jars that are distinctly us.  Goodness knows the both of us hang onto movie tickets and other kitschy objects that are just packed away in boxes.  We Waffles should get them out, display them and have little conversation starters.  What a great way to get all that craziness from 30-something years on this planet out of the closet and out in the open!

What little detail has spurred your wedding inspiration lately?


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  1. sangriasthoughts&lemonwedges said,

    what a neat idea!

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