October 24, 2010

The Guestbook Project

Posted in Random at 7:23 pm by sewknotwrite

For our guestbook, we  have decided to do a “yearbook” style on Shutterfly or Snapfish using pictures of us from diapers to “i do” that our guests can sign like a yearbook.  I have used both companies for photo albums in the past and have yet to decide on which one to use.  I’m sure it will all come down to who offers the best price.

Anyhoo…in preparation for this grand guestbook and our memory jars, I have started unearthing boxes from our garage and closets to search for treasures of our pasts, and yes, they are indeed treasures.  The pictures of Mr Waffle as a mini Waffle are soooooo adorable.  I sqeauled, oohed and awwwwwed my way through his photo albums whilst he blushed and looked at me suspiciously out of the corner of his eye.

How excited am I about putting this together?  Super extremely excited!!!  I have already scanned the majority of our childhood’s that has made it past the preliminary round of cuts.  We are also asking our parents and close friends to send us copies of their favorite photos of us so we can add them.  The Waffs is slightly scared to see what will arrive.

Here are a few of my favorites so far…


Brother Waffle and me skatin'



Mr Waffle skatin'



School Play @ 7 years old



Mr Waffle as a tree

The Waffs and his dad





Mama Waffle and her Wafflette



Mr Waffle playin' around at school



First day of school with Brother Waffle


I have a feeling it will take quite awhile just to scan all of this business into my computer, but I will love every second of it!


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