October 26, 2010

Engagement Pics!!! (insert loud squeal here)

Posted in Random at 9:20 am by sewknotwrite

Yes!  They are here!

I plonked down in front of my computer with coffee and bed-head to discover a message from our engagement photographer Nadine.  The same tingle of electricity and excitement that you get on Christmas morning began to course through my body.  She posted some teasers on her Facebook photography page and tease me they did.  As you have probably guessed by now, much squealing ensued.  Then, another message popped up saying she had them all uploaded to her proof site.  Ahh, they were all ready!  MORE squealing!

“Mr Waaaaaaaffllllllllle, come looooooook!”

“Can I get my cereal first?”

“Oh, OK.”  I wanted to wait for him and look at them together, but I was beginning to get ansty pants like a 5 year old.  They were just a click away and him getting cereal seemed to take foreeeeeeeveeeeeer.  What was he doing in there?  Moving in slo-mo?

Finally, he sat down and I was able to breathe and sit still again.  Nadine had pared them down to 45 shots and they were so great!

Some really spoke of our personalities…

Some were downright cute…

Others were romantic and beautiful…

After viewing our photos, we immediately emailed the link to our families and wedding party!  We were more than pleased with Nadine’s work!

If you are in the Austin, San Antonio or Houston area you should definitely check out Nadine  for your photography needs.  She makes you feel so relaxed and at ease which makes for some lovely natural candid shots.  Nadine shoots weddings, engagements and even does headshots for those in the biz.  You can see the rest of our photos here.

She is one of the most genuine and kind spirits I have ever met and would love for you to get a chance to meet her too!

Did any of you bees find your photography soul mate?


All pics by the lovely Nadine Studio!



  1. Nadine said,

    Aw… thank you so much for writing about getting the photos. It makes me happy to know that it made you that happy and excited. *hugs*


  2. […] House is a quiet oasis tucked away in the middle of South Austin.  Engagement pic photographer Nadine was one of the first people to get married at this venue in April this year.  Mr Waffle gave it a […]

  3. […] House is a quiet oasis tucked away in the middle of South Austin. Engagement-pic photographer Nadine was one of the first people to get married at this venue in April this year. Mr. Waffle gave it a […]

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