October 28, 2010

Memory Mayhem

Posted in Random at 8:11 am by sewknotwrite

In my excited quest to dig up pictures and objects for our memory jars and guestbook project, I failed to keep one thing in mind.  Cleaning up afterwards.  The pictures can go back into the photo albums.  No problem.  Where was I going to put all these memory objects though?

I don’t have my jars yet and probably won’t have them for a few months.  Uh oh.

*cue bride downward spiral*

Do I put them back where they came from and pray I can remember their location?  Do I get a new box and keep only memory jar business in it?  If I do get a new box, where will I keep it?  Where will I keep any of the wedding projects I work on in the next 7 months?!   Ahhhhhh!

It’s all making me kind of dizzy.  I need to balance keeping the house tidy and uncluttered (’cause an untidy house stresses out Mr Waffle), having space for my freelance design business and having space for wedding work.  As I look at all of the surface space in my office, it is all covered with wedding or costuming.  Yikes!  Who knew one small project that had me giddy and excited would create this little ball of stress in my tummy?  I suppose today’s task will be reorganizing my office, clearing out some space for the wedding and setting a plan to avoid clutter build up.  But first…I’ll finish my coffee.

How are you balancing storing wedding projects in your house?


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