October 31, 2010

On Top

Posted in Decor at 9:56 am by sewknotwrite

My capability for making an amazing cake topper exists.  I have the skills, but I have fallen in love with the work of two Etsy artists which makes me want to shelve my craftiness for this particular piece of wedding decor.

Topper choice number one comes from Etsy seller bthanari

Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Wedding Dress

I love the sweetness on their faces and the small attentions to detail.  She will customize your order as closely as she can, and could even add glasses for yours truly.  The wood round base would go perfectly with the other wood rounds we are contemplating using in the rest of our decor.

My other favorite is by Etsy seller concarta

Wedding Cake Topper - Paper Sculpture - Delicate Floral Detail

I looooove paper crafts and this is absolutely gorgeous!  What a conversation piece!  You can customize through this seller as well.  However, I am slightly afraid it would get dirty super fast.

Now, the only drawback to getting one of these cake toppers is that they are…um…expensive.  Yep, just a bit pricey there.  I was scared of bringing the subject up to Mike because I knew he would get his typical big-eyed look and say, “You want to spend what on a thing that sits on top of a cake?!?”  I was pleasantly surprised though when he instead said, “It’s something we’ll keep forever.  I’m OK with that.”

So, yay!  I can get a gorgeous custom cake topper!  Now I just need to decide between the two.

Which one would you choose?


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  1. Wow, they’re each so interesting! For my wedding, I’d probably go with the paper because it’s more on the simple side.

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