November 2, 2010

Magical Alie

Posted in Random at 9:08 pm by sewknotwrite

I realized that there is a key figure in this wedding process no one has been formally introduced to as of yet.

This is my friend Alie.

Alie spreading the magic

She is magical…and will be a pinch pissed that I didn’t draw a picture of her with the mannequin leg like the picture I posted in Sugar Coma.  She’ll get one of those eventually.

Besides having kick ass clothes, accessories and hair, she is also a dear and beautiful friend.  She is a wedding and event planner extraordinaire!  That, my friends, is a FACT.  I am so grateful that she is helping me plan our wedding festivities, because otherwise I would be sooooo lost and probably would have broken down into an icky mess in the middle of my office (and we all know the Mike frowns upon icky messes).  Magical Alie also takes my scattered ideas, waves her wand and brings them all together in one giant idea of awesomeness.  Her brilliant mind, people skills and savvy sense of style combine to make memorable events that can’t be beat.

She is probably blushing and rolling her eyes at me as she reads this, but she better get used to it ’cause there will be a truckload of compliments coming her way for the next 7 months!



  1. Laura said,

    Hey! I found your blog from weddingbee, I saw you were an Austin bride too! Can’t wait to follow your planning! 🙂

  2. kanapes said,

    Sweet post! (Hi from WB!)

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