November 3, 2010

…and Miss Waffle squealed, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

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I’m a bee!

When I recently saw the new generation of Weddingbee icons announced I FREAKED out!

I wailed to the mister, who was in the kitchen, “Oooooh!  Come look!  They are sooooo cuuuuute!!!”

“What?  Huh?  What are you on about you crazy lady?”

“The new Weddingbee icons!  It’s brunch! BRUNCH! I looooove brunch!” (Can you tell I have a slight tendency towards the dramatic?)  I gave him an “it’s your turn to say something” look and he returned with a raised eyebrow.

I asked him which one was his favorite, hoping he would choose the one I was favoring, and he said, “Waffles.  I quite like the Waffle.  It’s very nice looking.”

“Me too,” I dreamily cooed as I stared at the Waffle with it’s dainty strawberries.

Honestly, I could not sleep that night.  I tossed, turned and dreamed of waffles all night long.  So, imagine the amount of noise that issued forth from my little body when I saw the invitation from Penguin in my email!  I squealed at a pitch so high that I am surprised I didn’t shatter the windows.

So, hellooo there hive!


As you can clearly see, I am the loud and dramatic one while he is the calm, level-headed one.  Mr. Waffle and I truly balance each other out in such a beautiful and harmonious way that it gives me tingly feelings on a daily basis.  He may be quiet and unassuming, but he has a tendency to be just as silly as me on occasion.



Oh, those silly Waffles!


It’s partially because of this silliness that I chose our name.  I mean, c’mon, waffle is a funny word and we are funny people!

Our wedding will be bringing together the Brits and the Americans in a sweet, secret garden affair complete with BBQ and it’s our pleasure to be sharing the excitement of that journey with you all!  Get ready for a ride that I’m sure will be filled with boatloads of DIY, laughter, tears, jubilation and high-pitched squealing.  Hats optional.




  1. roughit said,

    Yay!!! Have fun and enjoy your first day!

  2. emtheartist said,

    Thanks a bunch!

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