November 3, 2010

OK folks, here’s the deal!

Posted in Random at 7:15 pm by sewknotwrite

For the past few months, I have been following bloggers and occasionally posting on a beautiful site called Weddingbee.  It is comprised of a supportive “hive” of brides and thousands of other amazing ladies called “bees”.  At any given time, they have an active roster of  roughly 20ish blogger bees who document their journeys to the alter.  It is AMAZING!

A few weeks ago, I applied to be a blogger bee and found out this afternoon that I have been accepted!  I wanted to give everyone a heads up and encourage you to visit Weddingbee to see what it’s all about!  That way, when I start using some new lingo and refer to us as Mr. and Miss Waffle you’ll won’t be uber confused.  Mike came up with the idea that I inform you…he’s so smart!  All my regular posting will still be here, as usual, but you should drop by the hive every once in a while and check it out!



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  1. mamahusky3 said,

    sweet!!! congrats!! i’ll be seeing ya ’round the hive!! 😉

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