November 6, 2010

The Waffle Gang: Team Groom

Posted in Peeps at 10:30 am by sewknotwrite

Yay!  Time to introduce Team Groom to the hive!

Best Man – Rock Star

If you had met Rock Star in art college, like Mr Waffle did, you would have said that he was the biggest geek you ever met.  He was geekier than Mr Waffle (which is hard to do).  Sooooo geeky, that he should have had the word “GEEK” tattooed on his forehead.

Those days are gone.

If you saw Rock Star now, you would swear he was a Rock GOD and a million times cooler than Mr Waffle.  Mr. super cool Rock Star does, in fact, belong to a band and also creates graphics and art for games, apps and websites. He is always accompanied by the lovely Perrie Belle (our wedding photographer).  They live together in England with 500 cats named after Buffy characters and are one of the most fantastic couples you will ever meet!  I met them when we went to England over the summer and I can’t wait for them to visit us here!  I can tell we might get into a lot of trouble with Rock Star in town 😉


Photo by Perrie Belle Rogers


Best Woman – English Muffin

English Muffin, also known as “the perfect one” or “Madam”, is Mr Waffle’s sister.  She was the one in the family that everyone thought would be an actress when she grew up based on her dramatic capabilities.

However, they were wrong.  After many years of schooling and traveling to places such as South America, Cambodia and Viet Nam, she emerged with a Doctorate.

Besides being smart, dramatic and adventurous, she is also an accomplished aubergine (eggplant) grower and is the best at telling tales of Mr Waffle as a child.  Some of my favorite Mr Waffle stories come from English Muffin…but we’ll save those for another day.

I was nervous this first time I met English Muffin, but I absolutely fell in love with her and we got along so well.  I am excited to have her as a Sister-in-law and am sad that she lives so far away.


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