November 11, 2010

Going on a Venue Hunt Part Deux

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Mr Waffle loves the interactive portions of our wedding planning.  He is very obviously a visual, kinetic learner type.  I have a feeling most of the planning things I talk about come out sounding like a grown-up on a Charlie Brown cartoon.  “Wa waa wa wa waaaa.”  So, yay for venue visits!

The first venue we visited was Hummingbird House.



Hummingbird House is a quiet oasis tucked away in the middle of South Austin.  Engagement pic photographer Nadine was one of the first people to get married at this venue in April this year.  Mr Waffle gave it a definite 2 thumbs up because of it’s size and the fact that everything is outdoors.  Everything. We were especially impressed with the white tented, stained concrete pavilion.  Seriously y’all, this tent is gorgeous.  It has sheer draped fabric on the ceiling with lights running through it which (as I have seen in photos) is stunning after the sun sets.  Bonus points for the fact that they have large misting fans set up in the tent too!  With the misting fans, tree coverage, valley and creekside location, it means that the heat is not that big of a factor.  We were there in August (the hottest month of the year) and it felt fine outside.

Our second visit was here…


Main Street, Star Hill Ranch


Sunsets in the Hill Country can’t be beat and one of the best sunset views is from Star Hill Ranch.  The owner has recreated and old tiny Texas town using 150 year old buildings and a small white chapel (complete with bell)  he has refurbished.  Everything is authentic, antique and positively charming.  Unfortunately, it was too charming for the mister.  He was also afraid our guests would get too spread out and we might lose somebody.  This killed me.  After all the internet searching, I had logged this in my brain as my absolute favorite.  Bye, bye dream venue.

The last venue visit of the week was to Memory Lane.

Memory LaneSource

Oh, where do I begin about Memory Lane.  It was such an impressive venue with massive Oak trees and a good, rustic Texas feel.  The venue was all yours for 24 hours.  From noon on the day of your wedding until noon the day after you could have the whole place for yourself and your wedding party.  The house on the property can sleep 15 people!  This would definitely be helpful for not having to navigate home after the long day of partying.  Honestly, the package included so many things.  The only down side…it was pretty far away from town.

So, who did the Waffles choose?

After much deliberation, the Hummingbird House won out.  Mr Waffle was excited about this place from the very beginning.  It was a close race between that and Memory Lane, but when Mr Waffle referred to the Hummingbird House as our own “secret garden” with a dreamy look in his eye I knew it was our venue.



  1. Miss JD said,

    I just found your blog on Wedding Bee and wanted to say hi!

    I totally love your personal voice in this post. It seems like you and Mr. have a great wedding planning vibe going… Congrats on choosing your location. The name couldn’t be any more perfect.

  2. emtheartist said,

    Thank you so very much! I always appreciate the opinions you leave on WB threads!

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