November 16, 2010

Dressing Miss Waffle

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Ah, the wedding dress search.  I was so sure in my heart that I wanted to buy a Pattis dress from a store in town called Unbridaled.  I had never tried it on, but I was a smitten kitten with Gaelan.

Pattis: Gaelan wedding dress

This dramatic, ruffled, halter top mermaid was to me the essence of everything I wanted to feel on my wedding day…glamorous, sexy and unique.  Ugh, I think I looked at this dress everyday for a month, but Fate, it turns out, had something else in store for Miss Waffle.

I had a day off from work on a Thursday and got a wild hair that it might be fun to go try on some dresses.  I called up Alie to see if she was free and…voilà, an impromptu day of dress shopping!  Unfortunately, Unbridaled takes appointments only so we called and set up an appointment for the following week.  Alie, being smart and in the know as she is, told me it was probably a good idea for me to try on other dresses before that anyway.  She also reminded me to wear a good bra, wear underpants I wouldn’t mind being seen in by a stranger, do my hair (no sloppy old ponytail) and wear a pinch more make-up.  Golden advice, bees!  Looking good = feeling good = good dress shopping experience!  Added bonus too if you are allowed to take pics, because then you don’t look like a train wreck in a ball gown when you show the photos to the moms and friends.

OK, OK, I’ll get to the good stuff.

Alie and I totally blitzed 3 bridal shops in 3 hours.  What can I say?  Working with fabric and garment construction everyday makes one picky when it comes to spending a large amount of money on a one day affair.  I made it a point to try on several different styles of dresses.  I then narrowed it down to my top 4 (2 of which I was torn between), but I knew I couldn’t come to a conclusive decision without MOH Sweet Pea.  As I have stated before, she is often my voice of reason and brings me back down to reality. We scheduled to come back on a Saturday when Sweet Pea could weigh in on the situation.  Oddly enough, I was so torn between my top 2 choices that I completely forgot all about Gaelan.  Go fig!

Sooooo, here were the 3 runners up…

Jim Hjelm at Serendipity Bridal.  Dramatic ruffled collar and POCKETS!  I adored this dress, but it felt a bit too casual.

I am terrible and for the life of me can’t remember the name of this gown, but we called it the “double bubble.”  It made my itty, bitty boobs look gooooood and my waist look teeny weeny.  I died over the amount of fabric and could have eaten it up with a spoon, but we ultimately decided it was too dramatic for a garden wedding.

First runner up was Watters Victoria.  I never thought I would fall in love with a lace dress.  The silk taffeta roses were so unique and beautiful (and heavy).  Also, the shape of the back and cummerbund style waist were extremely flattering.  Such a sweet dress, but not the winner.

The winner was La Sposa London.  It’s elegant and unique with the perfect amount of drama.  Sweet Pea cried and said, “You’re getting married!” when I put it on and the deal was done.  No debate needed and the appointment at Unbridaled was cancelled.

I know I’m a big tease for not posting me in the dress, but out of respect to Mr Waffle I can’t.  He is more superstitious than me when it comes to weddings.  Honestly though, I just think he couldn’t handle the wedding world seeing me in my dress before he does.  So, just follow the link and envision my head on the model’s body.  Hopefully, that can suffice until June!




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