November 18, 2010

THE Shoes! (to be said with gusto and yearning)

Posted in Clothes and Accessories at 7:42 am by sewknotwrite

So, I made a mistake.  An impulsive, but glorious mistake.  An expensive mistake.  My mistake was buying these exquisite Badgley Mischka Raphaela shoes…

How in the world could THAT be a mistake Miss Waffle?

Well, it’s a mistake because I bought them before I bought the dress. I took them with me on the first day of dress shopping and realized they were just not going to work out with the top 2 contenders.  However, at the last salon we went to on that day, Blush Bridal, we found THE shoes!

*cue angelic choir

Love by Enzoani Orchid shoes in ivory satin…I die.  Alie calls them “the cake shoes.”  The heels are about 3¾” high, but there is padding built into the  ball of the foot.  Best of all, they say “love” on the bottom.  Ahhhhhhhh!

Now, the one down side in deciding to get these shoes is that, like a wedding gown, they don’t get made until you place your order.  This means I won’t be getting THE shoes! until the end of January…the same time my dress is due to arrive.  So, how did I know what size to order?  Luckily the sample shoe at Blush was my size.  Exactly.  Whew!

All that waiting is making Miss Waffle a little Crazy McCrazers though.

Ok, maybe not that crazy, but pretty darn close.  Until then, I’ll have to settle for prancing around the house in my Badgley Mischka’s.

Did any of you make an expensive shoe mistake?



  1. jacin said,

    oh yes, i went through 3 pairs of louboutins until i found the ones 🙂

  2. Anni said,

    Yes, his name is Jimmy Choo. :/

    Just kidding, I’ll do it again when I’m not broke!

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