November 22, 2010

The Waffle “Save the Date” Tutorial

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My “Save the Dates” have received several tutorial requests.  So, here you go ladies!

To kick things off, I decided on using envelopes that were A10 sized.  Armed with this knowledge, I cut out a 9×4 sheet of cardstock.

After that, I found the center and figured out where the fold lines should go in order for the cartoon Waffles to meet in the middle when they “tie the knot.”  I’ve labeled my lines with the measurements so that you won’t have to rack your brains with math like I did.

I then sketched out the couples and grass making sure the grass line was even across the page.  Drawing myself is easy peasy because I’ve been doing it for years.  I can’t say the same for drawing Mr Waffle.  He’s an animator and was being pretty picky of all the sketches I came up with, but this one won out, thank goodness!  I uploaded the image, cleaned it up and sent it to the printer.  I made sure to leave fold line marks in the grass to make it easier later!  I would also like to note that having heavy card stock is not an absolute necessity.  It actually makes folding difficult later.  Regular card stock will be fine.

Once it all comes back from the printer looking sweet and awesome, gather your assembling supplies.  I suggest using a self-healing crafting mat, thin twine or ribbon, a bone folder, a small hole punch, clear tape, a craft knife (mine’s actually a surgical scalpel) and an upholstery needle.

Gathered all your supplies?  Great!  Start off by putting tape on the backside of the card round about where the hands are.  This will act as extra reinforcement for when the twine gets pulled through.  Fold the card, using your sneaky fold lines you left in the grass, and get an extra sharp crease with your fancy schmancy bone folder.

With your craft knife, cut slits where the twine will be threaded through.  Now you are ready to create the knot.  It will be complicated on the first few tries, but I promise you will get it down.  After all, you bees are all a bunch of crafty smarties! Cut your twine into lengths of 26″ and thread it through your upholstery needle as if you were going to do some hand-sewing.

Thread the twine through the card as shown below.  In this photo I have shown you how to create the knot using the twine and the pink line.

Now that you’ve created the knot, you can tie the “date” and “place” tags on the ends.  Mine are roughly 1″x1″ squares that have been punched with a small hole puncher.  They are then tied to either ends of the twine with a small knot.

Yay!  You finished!  Untied it will look like this…

And once they “tie the knot” it will look like this…

So far, everyone seems to like the fact that it stands up by itself!

I hope this was helpful!  I would love to see different variations on this theme.  Maybe use photos instead of drawings?  Or something else completely?  The possibilities are endless!



  1. Leana said,

    Those are adorable!!

  2. roughit said,

    these are fantastic! thanks for sharing.

  3. emtheartist said,


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