November 23, 2010

The Great Glasses Debate

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I don’t just like my glasses.  I love my glasses!

At first, when I chose to wear glasses over contacts I had a hard time struggling with the whole vanity issue.  That was a time when I was a less confident lady.  My allergies were soooooo freakin’ bad when I moved to Austin, that contacts just weren’t an option for about 9 months out of the year.  Glasses it was.

Four years ago, I found the frames I currently wear.  They are a slight cat-eye shape with rhinestones in the corners and they are so me.  So much me that when I accidentally placed them down in a tea light on my bedside table and set them on fire I cried like a big baby for a few hours.  It took me forever to track down the exact frames and get them replaced.

They have become such a part of my identity and, oddly, my personality too.  When I asked Mr Waffle if I should or should not wear my glasses for the wedding he said, “You wouldn’t look like you.”  He loves the glasses too.

Mama Waffle, on the other hand, seems to think I look better without them.  Her argument is basically that a beautiful girl like me shouldn’t be hiding behind her glasses on her wedding day…that they will take away from the moment.

Part of me can see this.  Part of me wants to be that stunning, radiant lady in the glamorous dress sans glasses.  Am I using the glasses as a security blanket?  Do I just feel “safe” in them?  I would still be me without them.  Right?  It’s a funny thing, but this is a tough decision.  If I don’t wear them, I won’t be able to see anything and will surely end up ass over teakettle while walking down the aisle.  If I wear contacts, I’ll be going nutso with all the blinking, itching and possible crying.  If I wear them, I kind of lose the beautiful goddess effect.

Pretty soon, I’m going to need to get a new prescription and I would love to just replace the lenses in these frames .  While they are at the glasses hospital, I plan to try out a pair of contacts…just to try(for Mama Waffle).  This will hopefully help bring me some clarity on the whole situation.

Are any of you glasses wearin’ gals wrestling with the same dilemma?



  1. Leana said,

    Yes, I can totally relate! I actually can’t wear contacts as they drive my eyes nuts and I seem to get an eye infection every time I try them out. Future Hubs wants me to wear my glasses as he thinks I won’t look like me otherwise. I had to replace my glasses a couple of months ago and I struggled with whether to get new frames or to just replace the lenses in the old ones that were just so me. Long story short, I did wind up getting new glasses and I actually love them more than the old ones! Good luck with your decision!

  2. emtheartist said,

    A friend of mine actually suggested that I maybe go ahead and spring for a pair of “dress glasses” to wear for special occasions. I guess we’ll see if anything strikes me when I go glasses shopping 🙂

  3. sangriasthoughts&lemonwedges said,

    I’ve worn glasses all my life and then switched to contacts as soon as I started middle school because I felt insecure of course. Before I graduated high school they told me I didn’t need contacts/glasses anymore so I was happy. After a couple years though, now in college, they told me just recently last year that I needed them again because my vision went back to the way it was. Now I love the way I look in my (new) glasses even more than I did when I was a kid. Contacts are a hassle in my opinion.

    I think you should wear the glasses to your wedding. a) it’s part of your personality and b) you’ll be able to see and remember what everything looks like which is important…it’s YOUR wedding!

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