November 28, 2010

Let the Filling of the Memory Jars Begin!

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Soooooo, I’m finally getting my Memory Jar project up and running!  When I get a great idea, I feel this urge to “do it all NOW” because I am excitedly filled with creative energy.  I’ll have to be patient with this one as MOH Sweet Pea and I are recycling food jars that we use in the upcoming months.  Guess it’s a good thing I consume a lot of salsa!

However, because I just couldn’t help myself, I went and bought a few jars from a thrift store for about 99¢ a piece and started to fill them up.

Once they are finished, I will cover the lids with pages from classic love stories and our favorite novels.  A quick trip to Half Price Books (which was conveniently next door to the thrift store) proved very useful as I grabbed copies that had all the good passages underlined already.

The memory items that are awaiting a jar to fill have been bagged into categories and placed in a box.  I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of stuff we found and have discovered that it doesn’t take much to fill a jar.

Waffle and I have even decided to keep this an ongoing project past the wedding and want to find a place to display some of them in our home.  We won’t keep every single memento that passes our way, just the very special ones.




  1. jacin said,

    so great! love this idea.

  2. Anni said,

    What a beautiful idea! Would you mind sharing what kinds of things have made their way into the jars? Nothing too personal, of course!

    • emtheartist said,

      Sure thing. From our childhood days we have things like Scout patches and pins, pencils, stickers, library cards. From our adult years we have trinkets we’ve picked up on our travels, my sorority pin, an old Underground card of his, movie ticket stubs, etc. Then we have mementos from our time together…airplane ticket stubs, movie stubs, more travel trinkets, a cork from the bottle of champagne, etc. One jar is specifically dedicated to our trip to LA where he proposed. In that jar, I have included the ring box and put the lucky penny I found that morning in the ring slot.

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