December 1, 2010

Eating My Words

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So, back in my catering post I was soooo excited about the fact that we were serving family style.  I even exclaimed, “That’s right bees, our food will be the centerpieces!” I said it.  I said there will be no other centerpieces.

Well hive, you will now witness me eat my words…

We will indeed have centerpieces after all.

The memory jars are turning out so great that I needed something to do with them.  I brainstormed with Magic Alie on one of our morning walks.  Should I put some on the guestbook table and scatter the rest elsewhere?  Should we make a game with them?  Should we just scrap the idea altogether?

Then, around mile two, Alie came up with a brilliant plan (because that’s what she does) and my “no centerpiece” plan was dust.  She suggested creating centerpieces using the Memory Jars, small vases with flowers and what I can only describe as a picture candle jar.

A what?

We will be printing some photos from the guestbook on vellum paper, attaching them to a plain jar (I’m not sure how yet) and putting tea light candles in the jars.  I love this idea of the photo being slightly faint, like a memory, with the candle flickering behind.  My goal is to relate the pictures I print out to the jar they are paired with and then try to seat people by the jars they relate to.  It seems a little overambitious at the moment, but that’s the way I operate.  C’est la vie.

Here’s a rough draft of the Waffle centerpieces….

Jar contains my bouquet from MOH Sweet Pea's wedding, Picture of Sweet Pea and her BMs

Not to bad for rough draft, huh?  We will still have some tweaking to do as I am not set on how we will attach the pics to the jars and the lids to the Memory Jars need to be decoupaged with classic literature.  The Waffle gang o’ friends are being so kind as to save even more jars now for our new centerpiece scheme.  I am also collecting/borrowing/thrift shopping for the hodgepodge of small vases that will round out the whole shebang.  This project has me super excited and I am more than happy to eat my words!

In what way have you eaten your words lately when it comes to wedding planning?



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