December 1, 2010

I’m so…not excited?

Posted in Random at 11:47 am by sewknotwrite

I am pretty much gung-ho, woohoo and all that jazz about everything pertaining to the wedding except for the invitations.  The excitement and inspiration is just…not there.  It’s kinda bumming me out.  I asked Waffle if he had any thoughts on the matter.

“Can’t we just do an evite or a Facebook invite?”

Sorry Mr W.  That’s just not an option in my book.

I have scoured the internet and looked in wedding magazines, but nothing is really standing out.  There is a lot of gorgeous stuff out there and nothing feels right to me.  What is wrong with me?  I love paper!  I love cards and invitations!

The stress is really starting to mount for me too because I have a meeting with our invitation designer next week and I have nothing to bring to the table.  As a designer myself, I know how frustrating it can be when a client has NO clue what they want and just expect you to pull some creative genius out of your back pocket.  I can’t be that client.  That client makes me bananas!

Being a very visual, tactile person, I am going to go to a local store called The Paper Place later tomorrow in the hopes that seeing and feeling some paper I just can’t live without grabs me by the collar and says, “Here you go kiddo!  I’m everything you’ve been missing!”

Is there a part of your wedding planning where you just can’t muster up the excitement?


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