December 4, 2010

All the Pretty Vases

Posted in Random at 4:07 pm by sewknotwrite

My waiting to collect jars and vases for centerpieces did not last long at all.  As I’ve said before, if I get a creative itch, I just have to scratch it.  Besides raiding my own stash of vases, I also snagged a bunch from MOH Sweet Pea who has a large box full from her wedding that has been sitting in the attic.  After that, I headed out on a shopping journey that included Goodwill, Savers and Uncommon Objects (aka The Dangerous Store).

Here are some of the pretties I acquired…

A family portrait

As you can see, they’re not all vases.  In fact, one of them is just a really cool looking drinking glass.  Most of my flower vessels (Is that a better term?) that came from Goodwill or Savers cost $1-2 each.  Not bad!


Thrift store vessels

The Dangerous Store was where I got into trouble.  Sorry Mr Waffle.  I spent $30 on 3 pieces there.  Shame on me, but the pieces I got were really fantastic.  This old vase and milk bottle were $5 each.

Then a whopping $20 went towards this lady.

She’s a vintage laboratory beaker and is my absolute favorite that will have to be displayed in some place perfectly amazing so that all can see.  Since most of the centerpiece parts consist of items our friends and we  are recycling or already own, it seems the Waffles will be coming in considerably under budget for decor.  Therefore, a $20 splurge on this item seemed reasonable.

Are you collecting any vintage or used items for your decor?


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