December 7, 2010

Then and Now: A Wiser Waffle

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Back in college, when the first Harry Potter movie came out I went to see it with my boyfriend at the time (who had never read the books).  Halfway through the movie he leaned over, pointed at Hermione and chuckled, “That was totally you in school, wasn’t it?”  He was right.

Waffle Then

All throughout my school days I was a know-it-all, nose in a book, nerd girl.  I was an overachiever that was involved in way too many activities.  Here they are…

Show Choir...I'm the one in the gold dress striking a dramatic pose.

Drill Team - Yes, that is a live tiger. Isn't that insane?!?

President of Speech and Debate Club, Vice President of Drama Club



I was also a member of the Academic Decathlon team, National Honors Society, Student Council and French Club…because I was insane.  How in the world did I also find time to balance a pretty active social life and date in the midst of that?  I seriously needed Hermione’s Time Turner!

I realize, looking back, that my tendency to overextend myself with classes and activities was just a way to not be at home and to avoid coping with problems I was having.  Despite my outward sunny and upbeat disposition I was a girl dealing with a lot of depression and serious body image troubles.  This was a trend that carried on through college where I decided to major in Acting and Design as well as be an active member of a sorority.  As a result, I was completely burned out after college and had a really hard time being a motivated individual in my early twenties.

More Drama

Delta Theta Sing Song

Waffle Now

The Wafflette of today has definitely evolved.  I had an epiphany after an extremely devastating break-up 3 years ago and learned the following things…

  • Stop hiding your feelings under piles of books, parties, work, work and more work.  Run full force into your problems instead of running away!
  • Be yourself.  My real friends are the ones who know everything about me and like me anyways.
  • My success is not measured in how much I do, but the quality of my work.
  • Nobody is paying me to be thin, so what’s the point of obsessing about it.  This was a HUGE revelation and I have had a torrid love affair with food ever since then.

The time I used to fill with activities, clubs and parties is now spent with Mr Waffle, small groups of treasured friends and time alone with ME.  Do I still dance? Yes, and I perform once a year in my Musical Theatre Performance Workshop class show.  Do I still study and have my nose in a book?  Absolutely! I am a person who craves learning new things.  Do I still have a tendency to overbook my schedule?  On occasion, but I’m getting much better and have discovered that doing absolutely nothing with Mr Waffle is the best!

Have you learned anything about yourself when reflecting on the “then and now”?


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