December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Waffle House!

Posted in Random at 11:06 am by sewknotwrite

I had to go there.  You knew me using the Waffle House term had to come sooner or later.  Right?

We Waffles just wanted to send everyone warm wishes for the holiday season and say thank you for the gift of allowing us to share our wedding planning adventures with you all.  ‘Cause y’all are seriously an amazing bunch!

So, as I sit here on a gray December morning, I’ll raise my mug of coffee and give a holiday toast to you…

Here’s to hoping everyone gets a little time off over the next week to take a moment and snuggle up with your SO, FI, DH, GF, BF or furbaby and tell them how special they are.  Here’s to safe travels, bellies full of pie, stockings filled with candy and laughter with loved ones.  Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for all the lovely ladies in Waiting and congrats to those whose nuptuals are right around the corner.  To the exciting possibilities of the new year!  To LOVE!




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