December 21, 2010

Wedding Bells

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Yet another wedding decor collection by yours truly…

So far, I have collections of fabric, mementos, jars and vases.  There’s one more to add to the list.  Bells.

Please excuse my messy desk.

Lots and lots of bells.  I currently have 75.

I had mentioned in a comment on Panther’s mismatched china post that I deeply wanted to get antique bells for our send-off, but couldn’t find any that were a decent price.  Luckily, helpful hive member evorce pointed out that I should check out eBay under a search “lot of bells.”

Thank you very much, evorce!  I hit the jackpot!  On average, I would say that I’ve spent about $1 on each bell.  This is a great deal considering the antique stores I hit up in Austin wanted $5 or more per bell.

I found some that look like people.

This one makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood.

Some of them are collectible state bells.

Awww, I ♥ NY!

However, now that I have all these fantastic finds I’ve decided they need to be used for more that just the grand send-off.  What other use could I have?  You’ll have to wait until next time. 😉

Are you taking on any wedding decor collecting?


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