December 23, 2010

For Whom the Bell Escorts

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When last we left, the antique bells I found were going to be used for our send-off.  Then, this idea popped into my head.

OK.  I’m sure you have the same confused look on your face that Waffle did when I first showed this to him.  Ummmmm, what is that?

It’s all of our bells hung from a tree.

Still confused?

Welllllllll, I figured our bells were too fantastic to use for just the send-off at the very end of it all and needed more time to shine.  So, they became escort cards as well.  Why am I hanging them from a tree?  Well, why not?  Somewhere, along with this vision, I thought the idea of having a sweet breeze blowing through the venue and the sound of the bells chiming in the distance.  I’m probably just romanticizing it all, but that’s what I do. 🙂

Yesterday, I did a mock-up to test my vision.  I got out some ribbon…

…and one of my bells.  I zig-zag stitched a swatch of one of my table assignments to the card with my sewing machine and wrote the name on the other side.  The “escort card” came from a pack of small tags from Michael’s and is tied to the bell like so…

I zig-zag stitched a piece of ½” ribbon to a sturdier piece of 1½” ribbon and secured the bell to it with a bow.

Bonus points to you if you catch the escort card reference!

Yay!  It works with no sagging or pulling!  Now my bells have gone from having one job to three as they are now escort cards, send-off items and favors!

Do you have any wedding items that are doing double or triple duty?



  1. Anni said,

    I love those! I want to go to a wedding with escort cards that awesome. 🙂

    • emtheartist said,

      Aww, thanks sweet lady!

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