January 1, 2011

Best Tool EVER!

Posted in Random at 1:00 pm by sewknotwrite

And now, a little sales pitch from Miss Waffle…

Seriously ladies.  You may have thought the glue gun was the best tool ever, but this one, in my opinion, takes the cake.

Behold, the tagger…

This lovely lady and I met at work.  It is my go to work tool for fast fixes backstage.  I also use it at home when I’m too lazy to use my sewing machine for hems that are falling out, that damn dress strap that came loose or even crafting projects.  Thanks to this beauty, the only use I have for safety pins now is marking alterations for people.

So, all that to say…get one.

Want to do a fabric crafting project but have no machine and your hand-stitching is questionable?  This tool may be of use for you. 🙂

Hem falling out of the Mother of the Bride’s dress on the big day?  This puppy is a life-saver.

It’s extremely easy to use too.  Just put the gun needle through the fabric…

Pull the trigger and voilà!

Where can I get one Miss Waffle?

Well, you have two choices.  At the fabric store it’s in the quilting section and is called a basting gun.  However, at the fabric store the plastic tags are usually either red or pink.  You can get clear tags for it online.  The other option is to go to an office supply store and buy a price tagging gun.  My only problem with the price tags are that they are reallllly long, whereas the basting tags are shorter.  Either one will work just fine.

Even if you don’t use it for crafting, it is a great addition to your arsenal for a fashion emergency.  Besides using it backstage, I have used it at several weddings!  So, get one!


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