January 5, 2011

Another Great Line From Mr. Waffle

Posted in Random at 7:33 pm by sewknotwrite

I swear, my mister says the funniest things.

His “a sock is a bridge” line is classic and I will never forget it.  I am beginning to think I should keep a reporter’s notebook in my pocket to make note of all his little funnies, which, most of the time, are actually said in all seriousness.  Ah…I love him.

In any case, I have now learned that Mr Waffle needs visual aides for all things wedding related.  We will be going wedding ring shopping within the next few months and I thought I would start showing him some pics in hopes that he could let some ideas marinate and solidify before we get to the mall.

He’s been funny about the whole wearing jewelry thing so I thought we’d go for a more “manly” metal.  Tungsten or titanium.  I found it serendipitous that Miss Sloth had just posted about men’s rings and showed him her findings.

“What do you think of these?  See any you like?”

“Which one comes with a fold out 27 inch screen?”


How has your mister responded to wedding ring buying?


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  1. Anni said,

    Maybe it’s a guy thing? I feel like R always needs a visual aide, too. When I tried to describe our venue before we even visited it, he thought it sounded weird, but when he saw it he loved it (maybe more than I do!)

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