January 5, 2011

Dressing Mr Waffle (aka A Painful Shopping Experience)

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I knew this was going to be one of the more difficult tasks of the wedding process from the very beginning.

I love Waffle to tears, but most (not all, thankfully) of his wardrobe is stuck in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Proof exists that some of it actually is from the 90’s because in the great guestbook photo search I found pictures of him in stuff he still wears to this very day.  His ideal of fashion is Michael J. Fox from the 80’s and not in an ironic hipster sort of way.



Waffle is a handsome guy and the idea of him in a suit looking dapper, smashing, dashing and all that rot sends me over the moon.  To accomplish this I would need to go shopping with him and clothes shopping with Waffle is no picnic.  He seems very easy-going on the surface, but that man is a serious picky pants when it comes to clothes and shoes.  Here are some of the common reasons he won’t buy things…

  • “That looks like something Dad would wear”
  • “That’s an awful colour”
  • “Those are going to give me blisters.”
  • “You know what would be more awesome, a baseball jacket.” (He seriously said this once while we were in shopping in Gap.)

He already owns a “black” suit, but I question whether or not it really is black.  Also, it’s too small for him.  The hems are too short and there’s not enough seam allowance to make it right.  His choice of ties are dark purple, black and Bart Simpson and his one good pair of dress shoes has dragons on the side.  Oh, Waffle!

I decided to sneak in suit shopping on one of the rare occasions we go to the mall together.  I knew that it was a long ways off until the wedding (in his opinion), but I also knew this was my one chance to get him to the mall and work it all out.  A grey suit was what I had in mind, even though he was slightly resisting it.

“But if I wear a grey suit, I’ll look like a businessman going to an office.  I won’t look like a groom.”

“Would you rather wear a tux and tails?”

“No.  And no bow tie.  Don’t make me wear a bow tie.”

“A black suit?”


“What then?!”

“I dunno.  Can I have a purple shirt?”

With no other suggestions, I decided to forge ahead with the grey suit notion.  The plan was to start at one end of the mall and work our way to the other.  Store after store, suits were turned down right and left.  Too dark.  Too light.  Too business.  Too girly.  Too expensive.   The light at the end of the mall was Men’s Warehouse.  I knew that we had to find a suit here or all hope would be lost.

We walked into Men’s Warehouse and Waffle heard words that were music to his ears.  “We’re offering a deal.  Buy one, get the second for $100.”  Thank goodness my man loves a good deal, because he pretty much decided he was going to buy 2 suits from them that day before he even looked at what they had.  After much trolling through the racks, we found the gray wedding suit, a basic black suit and accessories.

Here is Mr Waffle’s wedding ensemble…

The suit is grey with lavender and lemon yellow pin striping.   The shirt is a very pale lavender.  I have yet to see him in this full ensemble because he thinks it will jinx everything.  I am super excited about his suit choice and am glad we won’t have to go suit shopping together EVER again…at least, I hope that’s the case.  😉



  1. Eric said,

    love the wedding suit…..where did you find it? I’m looking for something similar but can’t seem to find what I want….

    • Eric said,

      heh..just noticed you mentioned Men’s Warehouse…but I’m wary of buying from there because I’ve heard that their suits tend to be poor quality. Can you tell me the maker of this suit? I’d really appreciate it =)


      • emtheartist said,

        I just peeked in the closet and the maker was Joseph Abboud.

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