January 10, 2011

So, We Registered…and I Thank God It’s Over

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There are a few reasons we had to get a move on with this whole registry deal.

  1. MOH Sweet Pea is hosting the shower and is having a baby in April.
  2. Because of #1, we are having our shower in February.  Sweet Pea is a teeny-tiny lady and already the baby belly  is HUGE.  I will be shocked if she can even walk in March.  (You know I love you SP.)
  3. Waffle leaves for LA this weekend 😦 so this was our last opportunity to do it together.

We hit up 3 stores on our whirlwind registry tour: Crate & Barrel, Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We didn’t really “register” for anything at Best Buy, it was just a good excuse for Waffle to have a break from linens and flatware.

I was super excited when we started our day.

Aw, here I am all wide eyed and excited.  I was hoping Waffle would finally get into the spirit of the registry to by getting to zap everything with the scanner.  Waffle loves gadgets!  How could he not like the scanner!  This was going to be a day of fun, new bedding, grown up dishes and furniture!

It was not like this at all hive.  It was not a day of fun and shenanigans.  It was more like this…

Sorry, but sometimes when words fail me drawing a picture helps.

Registering, for us, was exhausting.  We had trouble agreeing on a lot of items.  This led to me having a mini-emotional, inner monologue over “is it a bad sign that we can’t agree on a set of dishes that embodies the essence of us and does that mean we’re doomed.”  This made me lose focus, and when I would finally snap out of it he was checking his email.  This, coupled with lack of sustenance,  led to us both being big time cranky pants.

Also, Waffle was not interested in using the gun AT ALL.  Seriously.  The only time in the day he used it was on the one item he was excited about…the Roomba.  I documented this moment because I couldn’t believe it was happening.

Looking back, I think there were a few things that could have made this day a lot less stressful and frustrating.  I’m going to share them with you in hopes that it’ll help those who have yet to register.

  1. Pack snacks in your bag ’cause it’s a long day folks! At one point, Waffle was moaning like a child about how he wanted a snack and a drink and I know I needed one at a certain point too.
  2. Do some research! Check out the websites of the stores you’re planning to hit up and get a preliminary idea of what you’re interested in and then…
  3. Make a list before you go!  Seriously, make a list! If I had made a list of things I was interested in it would have saved us circling Crate&Barrel 20 times.
  4. Have patience with your mister.  He most likely doesn’t understand why a flatware set needs a “baby fork” and hasn’t the foggiest idea what “thread count” means.  He may, like Waffle did, voice these concerns and make you crazy about them because he doesn’t understand why it’s important to you.  He may ask you why you can’t opt out of having said “baby fork” and “baby spoon” in your flatware package.  All I can say is, “Keep calm and carry on.”  Breathe and smile.
  5. If you are finding #4 challenging, take a break and dig in to those snacks you packed in your bag.
  6. Do it in your PJs.  I have several friends that never even left their couches to register.  If I didn’t have the burning need to touch everything I want to buy, then I would have gone for this option.  Alas, I am a crazy, touchy-feely type and had to forgo the internet only option.

Do you have any registering tips to add to the list?


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  1. Kristina said,

    I recommend the combo. We did a ton of shopping online first, and by ‘we’ I mean mainly me. The actual day-of registry was okay, mainly because we (spent less than two hours, total and) focused on what was important to him. I went back online and added to the registry as needed. The online bit was something we could still do together, but marginally as frustrating as being in the stores. Even the nicest man alive will glaze over in the china section.

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