January 24, 2011

Antsy Pants

Posted in Clothes and Accessories, Random at 7:20 pm by sewknotwrite

Boy, oh boy!  I am getting closer to the moment when my dress is supposed to be arriving.  The bridal salon should be calling me sometime within the next two weeks to say, “Hello, Miss Waffle, your dress has arrived.  Would you love to come down to the salon to try it on, drool all over it and squeal until you faint?”

AHHHHH!  It’s killing me!

Honestly, I am having two types of dreams that are keeping me up at night in regards to all this dress excitement/anxiety.

In the awesome dream, I go to Alexia Gavela, put on my dress and I look super fierce.  Blindingly fierce!  No alterations need to be done because it is so darn perfect.  I skip out of the store and take it home with a big smile on my face.

In the not-so-awesome dream, when I try on my dress, it won’t zip all the way up because my waist is too big by 1 stupid inch!  The alterations lady yells at me for ordering a dress that is too small, tells me there is no seam allowance to let it out and I get depressed.  Guilty “howdidigainsomuchweight” speak runs through my head.  Holiday weight?  Too much cheese?  Too much beer?  Then, I go home and eat too much cheese and drink too much beer (because I’m depressed) and all hope is reallllllly lost.

So, all that to say…

I am not sleeping well and would that damn dress just get here already!!!

Is anyone else out there experiencing antsy, sleepless, wedding dress excitement/anxiety?  Or am I just a crazy lady?


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