January 24, 2011

UPDATE: Finding My Inner Sexy Minx

Posted in Random at 7:42 am by sewknotwrite

First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone for all of your feedback from the original post!  You guys gave me some really great advice!

Second, I had SO MUCH FUN!!!

My boudoir shoot went down on Sunday with Wendy Sanders and Steve DeMent of Silver Screen Pinups.  Wendy did my hair and make-up in a retro pinup girl style and Steve shot me in 2 different outfits.  It was a blast!

The advice some of you gave about finding my “characters” beforehand made all the difference! I chose a dark “ringmaster” type lady and a cute, whimsical “raincoat girl.”

The ringmaster looked a bit like this…

This was the first “character” we shot.  I wore a tiny, black satin top hat, my amazing black satin, Betsey Johnson bustle jacket (a gift from Waffle), black trunks over back-seamed fishnets and knee-high black boots.  This lady was the dark dominating lady.  Steve took some fabulous standing shots of me and some amazing shots of me posing with a chair.

This is roughly what raincoat girl looked like…

This one was the most fun, because I could be silly, cutesy and whimsical like I usually am…just in a sexier outfit.  Wendy put my curled hair in pigtails for this one as I donned a lacy purple underwear set, red raincoat with purple flowers and shiny red rain boots.  I brought a giant red umbrella for a prop and we did a lot of great shots with it.  We did soooooo many shots in this outfit, that it was hard to narrow down my favorites at the end of the day.

The other piece of advice that I followed was to bring a little liquid courage in my bag.  One of these little champagne juice boxes was enough to relax me for everything.


Thank you again, hive, for all of your advice and feedback!  Thanks to Wendy and Steve for making it such a fun experience (seriously, I think I want to do it again)!  I will share some photos with everyone once I get them back!


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