January 27, 2011

Those Pretty Things with Petals

Posted in Random at 4:21 pm by sewknotwrite

Heading into this whole wedding affair, I didn’t know much about the amazing and vast array of flowers that exist.  I just knew what I liked…hydrangeas and tulips.  I’ve even helped arrange bouquets for friends and had no idea what I was pairing with what.  They were just pretty.

So, here I am, educating myself across the interwebs about those pretty things with petals and learning how to educatedly talk about them with my florist.  Luckily, for me, we’re getting married in a garden, so it’s OK for my floral vocabulary to be slightly small.

Without further ado, here are the front runners for the Waffle wedding flowers…

Hydrangea: Antique Blue/Green - 80 stems

Antique blue hydrangeas (of course)



Talea Roses

White Ranunculus

 Two garden friends whose colours fit so well together.


By far, these are not the ultimate final contenders…just my current favorites.

How are you doing on floral research?



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