January 31, 2011

A Bee’s Life: Writing as a Waffle

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My outlook on writing, etc.

First of all, I have to say this…Mad Lib style.

(verb) as if no one is (verb)ing.

This is what I use for almost everything I do.  I always feel that I’m doing a better job when nobody is watching me or paying attention.  Here are some examples.

Dance as if no one is watching.

Sing as if no one is listening.

Write as if no one was reading.

Wrinting as if nobody will read my posts is what helps me write freer and with my own voice.  Obviously, I know people are reading and commenting, but when I sit down at my laptop I zone everything out and just let the words flow.  Like writing in a diary.  It’s the same with my illustrations.  They started as a personal, daily self-healing/self-discovery excercise after I went through an excruciatingly painful break-up with He Who Shall Not Be Named (what, you didn’t know I dated Voldemort?).  They then morphed into my daily Facebook status updates and now have graduated to the bloggity-blog.  With the drawings, it’s more of a personal way for me to express the way I’m feeling…especially when I just can’t find the words.

How did I find this awesome place called Weddingbee?

After I got engaged, my friend Heather told me to go to the bee.  She told me to skip “the other website” completely and go to this lovely place of great ideas, helpful forums and encouragement.  Following her expert advice, I found you guys and loved it.  I read all of the posts from the Austin blogger Bees and fell in love!

My application story…

With half of our guests coming from far, far away and to keep from repeating myself 50 million times to every family member, etc. about our wedding planning, I decided to set up a website and blog.  I blogged a loooooong time ago and loved it, so I figured I should bring it back.  I also figured the blog would help save Mr Waffle’s sanity so he wouldn’t have to here me natter on about flowers, color swatches and table numbers.  Funny thing, he was reading the blog and loving it.

Honestly, I wasn’t to sure about applying at first.  Would anyone like me?  Would I be readable and could people relate to me?   Do I have enough to write about?  My friend/planner Alie thought some of my ideas were really creative, fresh and fun.  Friends and family were giving me great feedback on my writing.  Then, the brunch generation was announced.  I saw that cute little Waffle icon and I was sold.  I applied and held my breath.

Two weeks later, the email arrived from Penguin and I think I screamed, “They liked me!  They liked me!  I can’t believe I’m in!”

What it’s like to be a Bee…

Honestly, some days are hard…but I’m really loving it!

It’s a huge time comitment to write a good post, edit, take source pictures, find source pictures, edit again, illustrate, final edit and send your words out into the world for people to see and comment on.  You have to grow a thick skin too.  Once in a blue moon people say nasty things to you and you have to just grab a martini and let it go.

However, 99% of the time the comments I receive are so amazingly constructive, helpful and sweet.  The hive has proved to be such a warm and fantastic place.  You guys have also helped me stay on schedule too!  I am, more often than not, a royal procrastinator and blogging has helped me get projects done on time so I will have material to write about!

My advice for Bee applicants…

  1. Follow my mantra from section 1.  Write as if no one is reading.  I know that sounds backwards, but trust me.  You will feel freer and be more likely to write with your own voice.
  2. Be uniquely you.  What is unique about you, your wedding and your writing?  Are you naturally funny, romantic, thoughtful, crazy, artsy, etc?  Play to your strenghts!
  3. Don’t force it.  Write a post because you want to write a post, not because you feel like you absolutely have to.
  4. Evaluate whether or not you have the time and energy to devote to posting 3-4 times a week.  It’s a huuuuuge commitment.  Huuuuuge.
  5. Don’t lose your sparkle!  Whether or not you get accepted to be a Bee blogger, doesn’t mean you should stop writing.  Keep on keepin’ on…and apply again.  Keep the fire for your love of writing alive.  I know that if I hadn’t been accepted I would be sore for a bit, but I wouldn’t let me stop writing with the same passion and vigor. 
  6. At the end of the day, remember that you’re getting married to the most amazing person you’ve ever met!  And that’s super awesome!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Thanks for all the love and listening to me ramble on!  Cheers!


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