February 9, 2011

Flip Books

Posted in Random at 9:36 am by sewknotwrite

Waffle is an animator who was trained in traditional 2-D animation, but does the computer animation stuff because it’s what all the cool kids do if they want to actually pay the rent.  I really wanted to highlight his talents at the wedding too and asked if he would animate something short and sweet.

“No.  I think you should use your drawings.”

“What?  No babe, we should have your animation.”

“Everyone loves and knows your drawings.  We should use those.”

Then, somewhere amongst us continuing to quibble over this topic we came to a great compromise.  We would make little flip books of  us.  Like this…

I would do the key frames and he would do the inbetweens.  Key frames are the big plot points of the story and the remaining frames that create the movement from one key frame to the next are the inbetweens.  I’m excited about us doing this project together because it will be a way for me to learn more about Waffle’s line of work.

We are considering doing a few different flip book stories and want to put them out on the tables at the reception as an added entertainment/favor.  Stories up for consideration are the engagement, one of our first dates and the wedding.  This will be another task to add to the ever growing DIY list, but I think our guests will really find it fun and unique.

Are you showcasing or incorporating any talents, hobbies, or passions at your wedding?


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  1. Mr Waffle said,

    “A few flipbook stories”! …. You’re going to kill me with all the in-betweening! 😛

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