February 10, 2011

Pin Up Girl

Posted in Random at 9:26 am by sewknotwrite

My “boudoir” shots came in from the photographer last night, so I am JUST going to be able to get one printed and mailed out in time for Valentine’s Day.  The rest are going to wait safely for the wedding day as one of my pressies for Waffle.

OK, OK, I know you’re dying to see them.  They are not risqué and done more in a fun pin up style than a smoky, sexy boudoir style.  Honestly, I think that suits us best anyhow.  Out of the hundreds of shots Steve took, these are the ones he chose to retouch and send my way.  I wish I could have had more, but I am super happy with how these turned out…thank you Silver Screen Pinups dream team Steve and Wendy!!!

Ringmaster Girl


Rainboots Girl

Which one should I send to Waffle for a Valentine?

All photos are by Steve DeMent and all hair and make-up by Wendy Sanders.  Together, they have joined forces and created Silver Screen Pinups.


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