February 16, 2011

Dear Tartlet, This is Your Fault…or It Might Be the Drugs…or Both

Posted in Clothes and Accessories at 6:19 pm by sewknotwrite

The lovely, wonderful and sweet Miss Tartlet recently wrote a inspiration shoe post that had me drooling on my keyboard.  On this post, I saw these lovely Vivienne Westwoods

Now, this past week I have had the flu, bronchitis, etc and have therefore been on a slew of interesting drugs.  I have looked and felt like this for the past 5 days…

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Miss Waffle, what in the world does being sick and crazy on flu medicine have to do with these lovely shoes?”

Well, hive, it means that I have plenty of time to sit, stare and obsess over those darlings.  I even found out they come in blue.

When I made this discovery I freaked.  Eeeeee!  Aaaaaaaand then I found out there was only one pair left in my size.  In my drug induced haze of crazy, I panicked and thought, “There is no time to deliberate this purchase.  Must.  Buy.  NOW!” (Sorry Mr Waffle)

Today, however, with a much clearer head, I am wondering what compelled me to do such a thing.  I am normally not an impulse shopper.  These would be really great shoes to change into at the end of a long day in my 4″ heels of Love, but should I keep them?  I feel like I’m stealing them after the lovely Tartlet found them first.  Miss Tartlet, if you want them, I’ll let you have them.

Ugh, what is wrong with me?

Must be the drugs.



  1. Holly (Tartlet) said,

    *subliminal voice* Keeeeep themmmmm! ^_^ F’reals though, I’m so happy you found them in your size in that lovely Cinderella blue color! Because I’m a shorty and Peter’s a beanpole I sadly won’t be rocking these on our wedding day, but I’m going to live vicariously through my BMs (I picked these up in gold for them to wear) and perhaps through you, too. ~.^ I hope you’re on the mend! What you have sounds awful…

    • emtheartist said,

      Aw, thanks sweet lady!

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