February 21, 2011

I Smell Trouble and a Whole Lotta Fun: Time to Shower

Posted in Random at 10:26 am by sewknotwrite

Wheeeeee!  What a fun shower weekend!  More people came than I thought would come…like 90% of the guest list!  The 10% that didn’t come were either sick or at work.  Sweet Pea and Captain Toes’s house was packed with love and laughter.  I remember thinking, at the end of the evening, if the shower was this much fun our wedding is gonna be out of this world!

The theme of the party was very vintage.  The sounds of 1940’s  jazz swelled behind the sea of voices who were partaking in appetizers in crock pots, on toothpicks or old time rum punch made with orange juice and sherbet.  I wore a vintage cocktail dress given to me by a co-worker that had wire built into the collar to help it stand up.

At the beginning of the party the men seemed to congregate out on the porch with their beer and scotch…

while the ladies gossiped in the house with wine and punch…

Mama Waffle, Auntie Waffle and Waffle Cousins

Me, MOH Sweet Pea and Magic Alie

My hostesses, Sweet Pea and Alie, were super cute in their vintage aprons.  We were so giggly that we couldn’t get a decent serious picture.

After they felt they had sufficiently warmed everyone up with a bit of food and booze, it was time for them to move on to their trouble-making portion of the evening.  It was a lot of fun and super embarrassing…but that’s a story for next time.


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