February 23, 2011

I Smell Trouble and a Whole Lotta Fun: Troublemakers

Posted in Random at 4:12 pm by sewknotwrite

So, last we left off, everyone was good and warmed up with the libation of their choice and appetizers.  It was time for the games to begin.  Dun, dun, dun…


Yep, my ladies decided to do a spin on the Newlywed Game at our shower.  We had to answer personal questions about each other in order to earn the right to open our gifts.  GULP!  EEK!  When Mr Waffle caught wind of this game he asked for a stronger drink.  The next thing I knew, Captain Toes had handed him a beer and a glass of scotch…and Waffle is not much of a drinker.

Captain Toes was our MC and the questions started out easy and painless, but there were soon quite a few that made me blush in the presence of kids and Mama Waffle.  It was a good thing Mr Waffle was double fisting it with some strong stuff.  His answers were sooooooo funny.  I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Here are some of my favorite questions and answers from the evening…

  • What is your partner’s favorite color?  Miss W answered: Blue, Mr W answered: Red shoes
  • What percentage of your combined income should go towards clothes shopping? Miss W answered: 15%, Mr W answered: 0.00001%
  • Has your partner ever been in trouble with the law and what for?

  • Which of your body parts is your partner’s favorite? (this made me blush big time ’cause Mama Waffle was sitting next to us) Miss W answered: My backside (bum), Mr W answered: My butt

Photo from Michelle Ulerich

At the end of it all, even though I spent the majority of the evening blushing all over, I had so much fun and laughed a lot!  I give a big thumbs up to the ladies for choosing a game like that to break up all the present opening.

We had such a blast and were so thankful to Sweet Pea, Captain Toes and Magic Alie that we helped them clean up at the end of the night…

Wellllll, maybe it was more like Waffle cleaned and I goofed off.  Typical.

Did you play any embarrassing games at your shower?


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