February 27, 2011

Address You Up in My Love

Posted in Paper at 3:51 pm by sewknotwrite

Cheesy, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I had vintage Madonna on the iTunes earlier today.

Moving on…

I realllly, reallllly, REALLLLY wanted to address all my invites with a grey calligraphy marker.  Unfortunately, when I found a grey calligraphy marker online, the shipping charges were more than the marker.  Seriously.  It’s a marker and weighs next to nothing.  Why should it cost $6.95 to ship?

So, I ran to Jerry’s Artarama (which is a big time fabulous art store with great pricing) and ransacked the marker department.  No grey calligraphy or fine chisel tip markers/pens to be found, but I did find a handful of brush tip markers I quite like.

Hive, sweet hive, can you help me choose which marker to use?  You have never failed in helping me make a decision yet!  I have written each choice on a sample envelope.

Thank you!!!



  1. As an illustrator I am a die-hard Copic fan, but I am liking the Le Plume Grey. Generally I think the warmer greys are looking lovely!
    One more thought… since this is for the outside envelope, you might check that whatever you choose is water resistant, just in case it becomes damaged (by rain or moisture) in transit and becomes unreadable.
    Good luck!

    • emtheartist said,

      Ooh, good point about the water resistance!

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