March 7, 2011

A Lack of Communication

Posted in Random at 8:11 am by sewknotwrite

So, about a little over a  month ago, I was having serious bad dreams about my dress coming in and not fitting.  That was a month ago.  That was around the time my dress was supposed to arrive.  Has it arrived yet?  No.

I wait a few weeks.  Nothing.

I wait a few more weeks and bride brain starts to take over.  In an effort to calm my nerves I shoot the bridal salon a friendly email.  A week goes by and I hear nothing back from them.  I called twice last week and they said they would call me back by the end of the day with an update.

Still.  Nothing.

They have yet to call me back or respond to my email.  So, now what kind of vicious cycle begins to form in my head?  Yep, the cycle of nasty, insidious thoughts of “what is wrong why isn’t my dress here why aren’t they calling me back?”  Did they even ever order it?  Was it accidentally destroyed in some freak accident?

You see, I purposely chose this bridal salon because all of my friends and coworkers have used them and gave them glowing reviews.  I’m sure the dress just isn’t ready yet, but shouldn’t the salon, out of good business practice, at least call me back when they say they will?  They deal with brides on a daily basis so they are bound to know that at this stage in the planning game we are often neurotic and irrational creatures that will cry at the drop of a hat and just one simple phone call or email will calm us down.  I plan on going to the salon, in person, tomorrow afternoon to at least get an answer of some sort.

Is anyone else dealing with a lack of communication from a vendor?  Is it making you a little uneasy too?


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