March 9, 2011

My New Old Toy

Posted in Random at 10:12 pm by sewknotwrite

Our friends, the Pigeons, are getting married in April and recently moved to a new place.  As I was helping Miss Pigeon unload the back of her car into her new digs, we came across and old, electronic typewriter.  She explained that Mr. Pigeon had bought it for her and had it completely refurbished.  I think she may have noticed that I was drooling and itching to take a look at it because she piped up with, “Do you want it?”


“Um, yeah….um…are you sure?  It’s so cool.  Don’t you want it?”

“We don’t have enough room in our new place,” she replied.


So, Pigeon and I loaded the new old typewriter in to the back of my car, much to the chagrin of Mr Waffle who complained that I needn’t be bringing any more junk into the house.

“It’s not junk!” I declared in a very shocked and appalled manner.  “This is a typewriter!  I am soooo using this for crafts and…and the wedding!”

Mr Waffle groaned.

As soon as we got it home, I plugged it in and smiled as it hummed.

Waffle was not impressed.  “Ugh, it’s incredibly noisy.  How can you get excited about something so obsolete?”

I dreamily tuned him out as click-clacked on the keys.


I wonder what it is about weddings that make us nostalgic and wistful for days past.  What is it about a wedding that suddenly has us interested in vintage, rustic, antique things?  Is it the reaching back for a sense of tradition?  Are we in a frame of mind that makes us sentimental for days past?  Is it the inspiration we receive  from seeing our family’s matriarchs as brides in grainy, black and white photos?

These are the wedding thoughts I think as I sit at my new old toy.


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