March 18, 2011

Dress Drama Update

Posted in Random at 7:07 am by sewknotwrite

Soooooo, not that long ago I wrote about the lack of communication I was experiencing with my bridal salon and the fact that my dress was laaaaate, late, late.  I wrote about how the very next day I was going to march right over to the salon and get some answers.  You all were awesomely supportive and I was looking a bit like this…

Well, I didn’t even have to saunter through their front door because the next day, the day after my little rant was written and posted, they finally called me back to let me know the dress was shipping that day.  Woohoo!

Aaaand, guess what’s even better?

Yesterday evening I got the call that the dress has arrived!  The eagle has landed!  Touchdown!  Wiiiiiiiin!

I would show you a picture of what that looked liked, but it wouldn’t be pretty.  I was covered in paint from distressing costumes and I danced around until my head exploded with joy.

Have you had any good news lately?


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