March 22, 2011

Waffle Bar Anyone?

Posted in Food n' Drink at 7:09 pm by sewknotwrite

Ohhhhhhh, I am so excited that we are doing this!  I can’t believe my friends and I put our heads together for this, one of the most fabulous ideas of the wedding weekend!

I have been going around in circle about what to do for the rehearsal dinner thing.  I got some quotes from a few restaurants, but everything seemed too high for our budget.  There was also the question of where in the world to rehearse.  Our venue has a wedding the day before, so there’s no rehearsal unless it’s early morning.

Luckily, MOH Sweet Pea and Captain Toes, even though their new little baby will only be 2 months old, have offered their backyard as a rehearsal site.  They are the best!  Since it’s summer in Texas, the earlier in the day we do things outdoors the better, and rehearsal brunch was born!  What’s the best brunch item for this Bee?  Waffles!

Woohoo!  Besides mimosas, coffee, and other brunchy fare, we  have decided to have a waffle bar at rehearsal brunch!  3 of us have waffle irons and we will pre-mix jugs of batter.  People can make their own waffles and top them off with whatever their heart desires.  I’ve thought of a few good toppings to go on the bar…


Whipped cream or ice cream…or both

Fresh berries from Brittany

Fresh berries

Traditional butter and syrup



Are there any other toppings you’d like to see at a waffle bar?


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