March 28, 2011

Things Are Getting Exciting Around Here!

Posted in Random at 8:59 pm by sewknotwrite

Can I just start by saying that time has flown by in the past couple of months?  At the beginning of our engagement, back in July, time seemed to drag on and I was chomping at the bit to get to where we are now.  I was soooooo eager to get all of the decisions made, vendors booked and projects started.  Now, I kinda wish time would slow down.  I sometimes feel like…

It’s an exciting week, wedding wise, here in the Waffle house.  The invite paper is at the printers and we will (fingers crossed) be assembling those bad boys over the weekend!  Also, over the weekend, Waffle and I are buying rings. Woohoo!

I have, finally, chosen a DJ/iPod manager (more on that at a later date) and Waffle and I will start to put together a song list, which will be an exercise worthy of being broadcast on a reality show somewhere.


Yay!  The day I’ve been waiting for since September is finally here!

These are definitely BIG to do list items that are all happening this week, but I am so excited to get them done!

Are you ticking off some big “to do” items this week?  Are things starting to get exciting in your household?


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