March 31, 2011


Posted in Clothes and Accessories at 7:51 am by sewknotwrite

While preparing for my fitting today, I was thinking about what in the world I was going to wear under my dress.  I’m pretty picky and finicky when it comes to underpants.  For a girl of my stature, I’m carrying quite a bit of luscious luggage in the back.  I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error with finding exactly the brand, shape and size of underwear that are comfortable and won’t ride up the booty.  Goodness knows, I do NOT want to be this…


Therefore, I am going to skip looking for pretty, lacy, fancy pants and head straight for the underpants I know and trust which makes me soooooo happy I decided to go with a gown that is fuller on the bottom instead of a mermaid or trumpet style.  If I had to wear a thong all day, I would be miserable.

Lucky for me, there are some really sweet and cute styles out there right now in my favorite cuts that would be perfect for my something blue and keep me comfortable all day long.

American Eagle Striped Wide Lace Boybrief

American Eagle Mini Ikat Wide Lace Boybrief

And this pair is just awesomely funny…

Victoria’s Secret Pink, Cotton Curved Hem Hipster

Are you planning on going fancy pants or comfy pants for the wedding?  Should I go with funny underpants or sweet and lacy?



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