April 5, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Mr Waffle

Posted in Clothes and Accessories at 12:05 pm by sewknotwrite

It has been discussed before that shopping with Mr Waffle is a difficult experience.  He is a super duper picky pants about everything.  We needed to get him new, black dress shoes for our wedding and the wedding of the Pigeons, which he is a groomsman for later this month.

He had been digging his heels in on this one for a long time now.  He has a nice pair of black shoes, but they are by no means dress shoes.  I showed them to Miss Pigeon when they were over at our house and she told him that they were not an acceptable substitution.  I thanked her profusely.

So, yesterday, along with ring shopping and meeting with our DJ for the first time, we went shoe shopping.

Mr Waffle moped over to the men’s section and I followed (desperately trying to not be tempted to venture into the aisle of high heeled bliss).  The look of disgust on his face frightened me.  As we walked along the back wall covered in dress shoes I heard, over and over, the following phrases…

“Too dad-like.”

“Too much like school shoes.”

“Too pointy.”

Too square.”

“Too European.”

Ugh.  We paced up and down the aisle 3 or 4 times before finally landing on something that was semi acceptable.  He tried them on.

Now, dress shoes are a bit slick on the bottom when you first wear them and when Waffle first stood up it was much like Bambi walking on ice.  He slipped and slid around for a while and then, upon discovering he could slide around, proceeded to “ice skate” up and down the aisle at DSW.  A grown man, who is never silly in public was gliding through the store with a big grin like a toddler.

I was confused and highly amused at the same time.  I laughed soooo hard I almost wet my pants…especially when he got excited over the fact that these slippery shoes were awesome for Moonwalking.

Thank goodness we found shoes he likes!

Did you have a struggle getting your mister to wear dress shoes?


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